Pool Games


Basketball is a fun water activity for the whole family! Ask your McEwen Swimming Pool Dealer about our poolside basketball hoops!

Sharks and Minnows – The “shark” swims in the deep end of the pool and everyone else (the minnows) jumps in and tries to swim to the other side of the pool. If you’re tagged, join the shark treading in the deep end and help them catch the minnows until only one minnow is left swimming!

Play a simple game of Taps with a beach ball. Don’t let the ball touch the water!

Cannonball Contests are always fun. Who can make the biggest splash?

Submarine Races – Take a deep breath and see who can swim the longest underwater.

Treasure Hunt – Toss coins off the deck into the swimming pool. Whoever can recover the most money wins!

Don’t forget the classic swimming pool game Marco Polo!